Thursday, August 09, 2012

Shark Week

It was shark week when Denise and I headed down to the coast to visit Margaritaville.
 As you can see, it was very dangerous so we had to be prepared. Lots of sharks,crooked gamblers, lawyers, and lots of tattooed women. I just can't get Denise to get a tattoo

I made sure that Denise was protected from the sharks (land sharks, too) /This was not reall Denise's cup of tea that she wanted to do for her birthday but it was fun and she was a trooper about it. She even dropped a little money in the slots to see if we could win a million or two but no luck. The best part of the trip for both of us was lying around by the pool at the Beau Rivage doing nothing.
 Denise just hit 39!

We enjoyed the atmosphere, walked out and enjoyed the Margaritaville bar outside with a band area, sand and a tiki bar.Jimmy Buffetts place is more of a local hangout and a place to grab a beer after a day of golf, I'll have to go back sometime.
 Here is a pic of me with a a long-legged woman that got my attention. She was a good sport and I believe that this girl has the longest legs in the world 

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