Friday, August 24, 2012

Riding The Rails With Camo

I have been negotiating with a Railroad Company here to acquire a Locomotive and it turns out they have two that I feel like I could get. This brought thoughts on opening the Howell Line or The Camo Express so that Camo and I could ride the rails together. I also thought putting the train over in the Delta might be a good idea for tourism there and because most of the tracks are still there. I have run into a problem with my idea though. I am finding out that nobody wants a train anymore. Nobody.
Everyone says that the cost to run an excursion line or even to keep up the tracks and line is way too expensive and it won't pay for itself. I thought it would really help Water Valley to have a short track here for tourism and to highlight what was the golden era of the town. No interest.
 If you have an idea of how to use these, please write me. The locomotives are destined for the scrap yard if I can't figure a way to use them.

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