Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Royal Butt Kicking

Mark Larson, Bill Howard, Rex Howell

Augusta, MS> Paul (Long Ball) Howell had made a bet and set up the match before he even called Rex (Hot Putter) Howell. He wanted to play his two closest friends and bitterest golfing rivals at the Yalobusha Country Club. In the conversation, he casually mentioned that our rivals had been playing every damn day. Yikes! Rex still had the shanks and he knew Paul wasn't any better.
The day arrived and we met Bill (Wiffleball) Howard (billionaire playboy) and Mark (3 putt)Larson (retired gazillionaire) at the club and teed off. A hard match that had us down three at the turn. A long birdie and a par tied us up on the back and Paul and Rex got stronger as the two losers we played fell apart. Slam, Bam, Thank you ma'am and we were victorious!
You should have seen the stunned look and the scramble for money to pay the bet. Priceless! As they say. You know how humble Paul is in a situation like that. Mark and Bill will hear about this all winter.
Paul Howell and Rex Howell- The Winners!

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