Friday, September 08, 2006

What Really Happened in Florida?

Sandestin, FL> I received an email from Mark Larson and Bill Howard saying that my recent article about our golf match may have been embellished, misleading, and that I was a lying, rotten S.O.B. These uncouth losers then sent an email reminding me of Pauls' real golf game.

Howard will send the photo. on friday afternoon we were playing the Raven course at Sandestin, hole #14. dogleg left. Paul is going to go over the corner of the pond to take off a little yardage. hooks drive in water. reloads, aims further left. nothing to lose. hooks ball in water. reloads with lots of snickering, laughing, etc.AIMS FURTHER LEFT. 3rd ball in water. water level has risen so much, Sandestin golf management has to open a small dam. finally places tee shot # 4 in fairway. smooth 12 on the hole. Final hole of weekend. I chipped in for birdie to beat his ass for 3rd 18 hole round of weekend. Paul falls to his knees, ruined a pair of pants. shit in pants, grass stain on knees. chewing nails and spitting tacks. I have the 3 $5 bills framed. they all smelled of mold. MAL

Paul paying off!
I should have realized my superior golf skills really won our match against them!

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