Friday, September 29, 2006

Gettysburg or Bust!

Gettysburg, PA> Mark Stewart, deranged mailman and psychotic truck driver, finally learned how to buy something on ebay. Of course, he paid way too much and did not find out how close it was before bidding. He bought a Gator for his father. Unfortunately, it was located just outside Gettysburg in a place called Seven Valleys of the Wolf or something, I think Alvin lives there. Anyway, it is 16 hours up there. He couldn't find anyone to go with him to get it and called me. I told him I was dying of the flu and had a broke leg, he said you owe me money. So off we went.
16 hour road trip. The bright spot was that we did get to see Gettysburg National Battle Field and even though I was surprised that it was not as grand as I imagined, I was glad I got to see it. 16 hours back. I am totally exhausted. We did not even get to stop at Miss Lindseys Pancake House and Nude Dancing Emporium. P.S. I checked every ditch from here to Pennsylvania and did not spot his deer head, Trent must have tossed it somewhere else.

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mark said...

remind trent that i'll settle for that deer hanging on his wall behind his desk.