Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Squirrel Camp Letter

Subject: Christmas Place Annual Squirrel Hunt ............9/13/2006

Dear Squirrel Hunters,

Get ready for our fun weekend at the Christmas Place! Try to come Friday if possible, and make sure to bring a sleeping bag and shells. If you hunt Hillside, you will need steel shot. (#4’s work well) If you have a four wheeler, bring it and we will have rides after the hunt. We may have some doves in the cornfields, so bring dove shot if you want to try them. Bring fishing gear if you want to try fishing. Some may want to sit around and nip, so be sure to bring a nip too!

The season opens October 14, and we are looking forward to a good hunt. The menu
and designated cooks are listed below, Come hunt and have a good time!

Friday night meal – fish, boiled corn, baked potato, Idaho salad, hush puppies on paper plates
Roy Stevens-Joe Newman-Hershel Howell
Roy and Joe are furnishing the fish and corn with the camp furnishing everything else.

Saturday and Sunday morning before the hunt- sausage and biscuits, nic nacks on paper plates, coffee and milk.
Baxter Jones-Sam Goodwin-Greg Jones.
The camp will supply paper plates.

Saturday noon- Boston Butt Bar-B-Q and buns, Idaho salad on paper plates.
Burney Howell-Hershel Howell
The camp will supply everything.

Saturday night- Turnip greens, baked sweet potatos, Jalapeno corn bread (thanks for the corn bread Mary Lou Jones) squirrel and dumplings on regular plates.
Roy Stevens- Hershel Howell-Baxter Jones

Soft drinks, nic nacs, and hors d’oeuvres are to be supplied by Rex and Paul Howell

I hope this menu will be satisfactory for everyone. Please call if you want a change.

See you at camp Friday October 13

I am ordering permits for those hunting on Hillside Reserve.


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