Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Secret Rites, MS> The annual meeting of the Ten Point Club was held this weekend at the exclusive Christmas Place Hunting Club. This is a mysterious masked affair surrounded in secrecy that involves lots of secret deer stuff that only members of the elite club can know. Everyone wears Indian and deer headdresses and costumes. Some of the jealous non member wanna-be yokels get confused.

The Big Chief Hershel called the meeting to order
Secretary Trent read the minutes in his clever new camo. Members loved it and begged for him to come by their stand.

The bar was opened.
The floor was open for ideas and debate

Between drinks and cigars Paul made a motion to expel Mark Stewart from the camp for killing the biggest deer last year. There was a close vote, but the nays took it after several members remembered who killed the smallest deer last year.

Rex made a motion to declare Thunderhoof a national treasure and no one allowed to shoot at him except Bloggers. After chants of DEATH TO THUNDERHOOF, DEATH TO THUNDERHOOF and beer cans thrown at Rex, he was voted down. He swore a blog oath and sat down.

Burney wanted the Point Stand, and Pond Stand off limits to everyone but him so that he could hunt the Black Knight. Much laughter and hoots met this request and he was voted in as the outside cook and bottle washer again.

Trent made a motion to kill anyone wanting to hunt on the property besides 10 point members, a motion was made to put him in a mental ward but was never voted on.
He then tried the No women and No dogs B.S. but nobody listened as usual. He did manage a no Muslim ban and open season on any spotted on property.

Much business was done as everyone not in the Ten Point Club was assigned as deer skinners and camp cleaners (again). Secret plans were put into effect to keep a guest from killing a deer as usual.
Women with big hooters and hot bodies were discussed at length.

Terry (guest) wanted the Indian Mound to hunt and this was greeted with outright rude cries of DEATH TO GUEST from Secretary Trent. Others asked what the hell was he doing there anyway when he should be out selling chocolate bars.

About this time several of the minions assigned to park cars tried to sneak into the meeting in costume.
The meeting was stopped as Mark burst through the door and demanded to be let in the club for killing the biggest deer last year. After everyone quit laughing a 100% thumbs down vote was taken.

Mr. Jones staggered in and wanted to be in the club because, hell he saw a 10 point last year and had missed at least one, plus all the cool people were in the group and got to drink whiskey, smoke cigars and watch secret videos. He was told that not only was he imagining things, he was blind and crazy too.

They were unceremoniously thrown out while the group drank whiskey, smoked cigars and watched hunting tapes and X-rated movies for the next hour.

Bobby kept peeping in the window.

All rules were left as they were for the upcoming year. (No Paul rules were made unfortunately) The infighting for hunting areas was minimal this year and no shootings or stabbings occurred
After congratulations all around and splitting of their oil money the meeting was adjourned.

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