Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Enjoy These New Links

With Christmas, New Years and the quest to try and kill a damn deer, I have neglected to let everyone know about the recent additions to my link list. The first link is EcoRover. This blog is run by a professor at Montana Tech named Pat Munday. He covers skiiing, lots of green stuff and environmental issues, has great articles on rifle calibers, hunting and life. He also adds lots of pics to enjoy and even cooking tips. Please go enjoy his hospitality. This is a pic of his beautiful daughter Emily.
The second link is to Michael Shimniok who runs a blog called Troubled Child: Off Road Adventures in a 1986 Jeep Grand Waggoneer. He calls the famous jeep TC, and let me tell you, that damn thing will go almost anywhere! Up and down lost trails, cross country, through snow, mud and herds of wild hogs. The old Jeep is amazing, the only problem is keeping her running. I wonder if that old Jeep could make it to Mississippi?
Another new and interesting link is called Hunting Pressure. Grizzly runs the site and has Outdoor Videos, Sportmens Commentary, Gear Reviews and a mix of humor and serious looks at the hunting world.
Please go by and visit all these hardworking Bloggers and say HI!

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Anonymous said...

I knew about TC and Hunting Pressure, as they are also OBS members. I didn't know about EcoRover. I'll be sure to go by and check it out.

Thanks for pointing these blogs out.