Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ghost Stories

Water Valley, MS> A lot of people ask me about my penchant to tell ghost stories. I love a dark and mysterious story of the supernatural and it all goes back to the house in Water Valley that we lived in for several years. It was known as the Bell Witch House on Wood Street and is supposed to be the home that the Bells moved into when they left Tennessee. I do not know if this is true but it is a creepy house and something was going on there that was beyond explanation.
My first encounter with a ghost was about 6 at night and the kids were playing downstairs. Playing chase, I headed up the hall, grabbed the bannister, swung around and headed up the staircase. Halfway up I froze.
A shrouded figure walked across the landing at the top of the stairs and disappeared into a bedroom. I could see no face, just the hooded figure.
Everyone in the house was downstairs.
There were lots of thumps and footsteps on the stairs at all hours, voices laughing during the night and a feeling of being watched at times.
This house and what happened there has left a deep impression on me (as you can see).
Some other strange things happened there that I will relate at a later time, but I enjoy a strange tale and have put a lot of work into my Spooky Campfire Stories category.
Does anybody know how to make the label categories hold more than 15 post?


Jon said...

You tell good ghost stories! I haven't been bothered by one in several years. However, it really gets your attention!

My categories don't have a limit. I have no idea why?

Editor said...

it seems to be a Blogger thing

Chris said...
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Chris said...

I have never had any encounters with ghosts and didn't used to believe in them. Over the last few years, I have met a lot of people who are credible that have seen ghosts. I'm still a bit skeptical most times but am way more open-minded about it than even just a few years ago. I eagerly await reading your future stories. Chris

Kristine said...

I've always liked a good spooky story, and you do have a talent for telling them, Rex. I hope you keep doing so.

deerPhD said...

I'm guessing the internet doesn't give full justice to your ghost stories. I'm thinking a campfire at the Christmas Place is just right...I'll be right over. Oh wait, my plane was delayed until the opening day of deer!