Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hunting Into 2008

Hells-Fiery-Depths, MS> First it started out awful, but I admit it got better quickly. When I got to the camp Thursday afternoon, I noticed something hanging on the pole. At first I thought it was a squirrel with antlers, but upon closer examination it was a young 8-point buck taken by Drew Stewart. This got everyone in
the woods quickly and just at dark a lone gunshot rang out of the Hole area. Oh hell, I thought and soon Paul came in with a damn 14-point. Another one?
A 14 point in a season is a rarity, but two in a camp in the same year?
Congratulations to the famous deer murderer, anyway. At least, he limited out and was through for the year. Maybe not. Marian and Bob were there and hunted hard for a couple of days with no deer.
Paul wandered out in the woods and blasted a doe for our management program and then told Marian to quit hunting with me if she wanted to kill a deer. She took his advice and BLAM! Marian got a deer at Eastgate.
And me, what did I do this weekend? Take a look. Pretty pitiful.


deerPhD said...

Sounds like some great outings! Congrants to Marian on her deer (and for taking what seems like sound advice!). Congrats to you on your coyote!

JDP said...

What a great New Years hunt! Marian's deer will be some good eating no doubt. Congratulations to all.


Phillip said...

Dang, another 14 pointer!?!

At least you shot SOMETHING.

My brief whitetail hunt last week resulted in even less than a coyote. Could've shot a stack of squirrels, but the 30-06 wouldn't have left much to cook up...even in the stewpot.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Sounds like everyone had a successful hunt.

Poor Rex...but that is a nice coyote. That is what that is right? :)

Kristine said...

Congratulations to Marian. Glad to hear she got a deer.

Rex, just take pleasure in the fact that you were able to provide a nice time and a great hunt for so many people. If there is such a think as hunting karma, your buck is out there.

Matt said...

Looks like a great weekend. Congrats to all!

By the way, I'd be thrilled to see a coyote in the woods. I've heard they've moved into this part of Virginia but I haven't seen one yet.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I would be more excited about shooting the 'yote then about shooting a deer. I hate them stupid things and they are everywhere up here in Michigan.

Moose said...

2 14 pts in one season WOW!! Congrads to Marian on bagging a deer. Now is that one of them bobble head dogs sitting on the front of your 4 wheeler? :D Kill all them you can.

Goon said...

Here is a question, how cold is it in that picture? I don't see any snow and Rex right is dress like it in the 20's.