Friday, February 15, 2008

Como Conversation

Como, MS> We had a great time at the windy City Grill in Como last night. Everyone showed up for our annual get together and it has turned into a tradition now.
Kim Stewart was bright and funny but I couldn't get her to dance on the table as we sipped our champagne. Mark is still in mourning for Romney's Presidential hopes and told truck driving stories and gave us his political views. Greg was just glad to get the hell out of Water Valley..

Greg and I spent half our time just priming Mark and he was pretty entertaining. We might have to shut that Talk Radio off in his truck though. He has that Teddy Bear look that the women love, look at that Grinnigan with Denise in the pic.

Kim Jones was fun as usual and is always sparkling to be with.
I really enjoy her company. I haven't seen She and Greg much lately and Kim seemed like she was really enjoying her break from the grind of daily life. We talked, ate, drank and caught up with each other. Many fun plans were discussed and a consensus was reached on what to do about Paul. Now all I need is a box big enough to hold him and a plane to drop him in Pakistan.
Denise was the center of attention and kept the conversation flowing. Me, I was just there for decoration and tried to keep up. At the end I got to make a toast to FRIENDSHIP and have some chocolate covered strawberries with champagne.
We ended up easing to the Como Steak House for the best dessert on the planet. Their homemade cheesecake is fantabulous.
I hope we can keep doing this every year. Y'all come next year.


Anonymous said...

We really did have a marvelous time! The boys were such fun and I must say that both Kim's looked exceptionally beautiful last night and were as always fun and witty!Such wonderful friends. Also, thank you Rex my love for a lovely Valentine's Day and for my beautiful and much adored gifts. XOXO, Denise

SimplyOutdoors said...

Looks like a good time.

H2o said...

Smile Rex...

It's not that bad now is it?

deerslayer said...

Certainly looks and sounds like you had a wonderfull time and probably a much needed break from the farm life.Isn't it great to see towns folk every year or two? Now get back to work on the farm and find me some turkey's to hunt (ha ha hah).