Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Turkey Season Cometh

I am finally getting fired up about Turkey Season. Spencer should get his first one this year and I am looking forward to being in the woods again. I am a little concerned about my Canadian friend, Othmar Vohringer. He mentioned in passing that he would like to come down and blast a turkey with me this year. That would be great, but I need to travel light when hunting turkeys so I started calculating how many rocks I would need to take at least two gobblers with a 10 inch beard (3) and how many boxes of shells it would take Othmar to get one turkey of any size (3). If he runs out of shells I should have at least one extra rock for him to throw.


Davin said...

Hope all is well down in the Valley,things here are fine cabin did not take any damage from the storm thank goodness.We had some down trees but none hit the cabin,however on the WMA T1 was splintered as if it was clear cut.Remarkable that no one was killed there in that area. I finally made my big kill of the year,killed a monster of a squirrel this past weekend. The children were all happy for me as I finally was able to put some meat in the freezer,unlike Jim (HAHA). Dean is very fired up for turkey season,practicing his mouth calls and driving the dogs insane.

deerslayer said...

Yeah the trees are wanting to bud out here,the grass is getting green again, fishing season is coming around and unlike you Editor all I have to hunt them sly shifty turkey is a dang baseball batand unlike Dean and davin using mouth calls to get the turkey close, I have to use my good looks and charm but who knows it could happen.

Editor said...

uhhh, I doubt it but good luck.
swing low!

SimplyOutdoors said...

I am absolutely PUMPED about turkey season this year. I can't wait for it to get here. The temps probably have to get above the single digits for that to happen though.

NorCal Cazadora said...

I hope to get my first turkey this spring too - we've got a hunt scheduled in a Napa vineyard.

And this being California, spring has sprung. The first blossoms of the year opened up yesterday on our almond tree, and I actually had to do some weed-whacking last weekend. Lord, if it were still duck season, my lawn would look like a ZZ Top beard.

Editor said...

good luck to all of you for the season, there may be a chance to invite one or all of you down.
NorCal tell that boyfriend to link me!