Thursday, February 21, 2008

Huntus Interruptus

Rattling Chain, Peru> In case you haven't heard the news,
Ivan at Crossbow Hunters of Peru is getting married next week. This is really big news since no one can figure out why she is marrying him. Most figure it is just pity. How could a Spanish beauty like her fall for a guy like him? It is a bigger mystery than the Mothman.

Her name or nickname is Luli.
Everyone please email her and send your sympathy.
Even worse is that everyone knows that she can
out-hunt, out-shoot, out-fish, and assuredly out-last him, no matter what he thinks.
She is a beautiful girl and I wish her the very best of luck in straightening him out.

Of course, he thinks that he is going to continue his life exactly like it is.
HA-HA-HA. When Ivan returns from his honeymoon,
he will be as tame as a kitten.
Deer season? Ducks? Hunting?
Ivan will be matching fabric samples for the couch and picking out wallpaper etc for a year or two, so expect his personal blog to be light for awhile.
All joking aside, I wish Ivan and his beautiful (soon to be)
wife the very best in life and hope that someday they find a way
to visit me at the famous Christmas Place.
Please go over and leave a comment of congratulations to both of them.

1 comment:

Ivan T. said...

Rex, You made me laugh and problably you are right in all you said hehehe.

Thank you from Luli(Lourdes) and me

A strong hug

Ivan y Luli