Friday, February 08, 2008

Hogs Circa 1972

I knew nothing about wild hogs in 1972, but I learned quickly. A very rich landowner built a fence around his property and put Wild Russian Boars on his place. They promptly escaped of course. We were hunting the property beside him when a whole herd ran by my Dad. He thought on it and decided he was going to get one of the big hogs. We were bowhunting then and what is known as "The Pod" was legal. A medical powder attached to your arrow that when a deer was hit, would be absorbed into the blood and help kill the deer. Dad decided a hog arrow is what we needed. We took an old Bear broadhead and opened it up on the side, filled it with the powder and put electric tape over it. He was ready.
The next day as the hogs came by he took the tape off one side of the broadhead and let fly. A white cloud flew from behind the speeding arrow. Through the cloud he saw that he had popped a big one that only ran about 50 yards.
He hit it perfectly, so we don't know if the powder worked or not. It was a good thought, thank goodness he made a good shot. For years, when we were after a big buck, we would say you need a hog arrow for that deer.
This pic shows deer and a domestic hog gone wild on an island we hunted and is a story for another day. That is the story of how Wallace Odom saved Baxter Jones' life.

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Phillip said...

The "Pod", huh?

Interesting stuff!

Man, I need to go shoot me a wild hog soon, or I'm gonna have withdrawals in the worst kind of way!