Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas Card Reminder

Time to remind everyone to send me a pic for the Christmas Card. I would prefer you in hunting gear or casual wear and a pic that showed you from at least the waist up. Kristine?
I will try to Scout out a good location against one of the Indian Mounds for our group shot and get a couple of trial pics to see how they look.
You bashful guys can give a sideview or wear face camo or like my friend the Suburban Bushwacker, you can wear a hat over your eyes. Brother....
Nude pics of the ladies will not be tolerated on this blog, please email them directly to me.
All my links and readers need to send me a pic, I have some great ideas for our card this year but I need to start on it. Yes, my friend at Mississippi Random Thoughts, you need to send yours too.


Tom Sorenson said...

I'm on it.

Blessed said...

I'll be sending mine later today :)

Justin said...

Can I submit a pic also?