Monday, November 10, 2008

The Waiting Game

Saturday morning Mark, Spencer and I headed to camp to meet Dad and do a little scouting and getting the last stands ready for the big Youth Hunt. Here is a pic of the back yard. If you can't have a drink, relax and enjoy this view late in the afternoon, there is something wrong with you. That night deer were all in it and almost drove Camo and Trigger crazy.
We saw a lot of fresh deer sign and the fields are starting to really green up.
Camo managed to run a few of the nasty varmints away that were eating her nice fresh grass. Dad was in high spirits and we did not talk about his surgery scheduled for this morning. We checked on the boat at the lake and made sure it was sea-worthy for Mark and I to use it in two weeks.
Trent showed up and managed to do some looking around and putting up posted signs, so I think everything is about ready.
We made it down to the Arrowhead stand and finished that up for Marian, then headed in to watch the big game and have supper. Here is a pic of Trent and Mark getting the steaks ready that night.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Some great pictures.

Hopefully your Dad's surgery went well.