Monday, December 29, 2008

After Christmas Deer Assault

Everyone headed to camp the day after Christmas and by the time I had arrived Friday afternoon, Burney had already scored. A very nice 9-point that should not have stopped in front of him at the last minute of daylight. BOOM!
That shot started a wild weekend.

Saturday the wind blew and we thought the deer would lay up but we gave it the old college try across the Beaverdam. We saw a bunch of deer and at 8:15 AM, I heard Mark (Mailman) Stewart shoot. Boom!
Another nice deer, this time an 8-point had tarried too long and got blasted. That afternoon his son Drew dropped a young doe so we had plenty of deer to work on.

At lunch, people started to arrive for a Christmas Lunch. My Aunt Marilyn came and she brought my wonderful cousin Noelle and her kids Pete and Shelley. My sister Holly was there with her husband Dennis and their teenage son named Zach. Mrs. Dorothy Henry, our neighbor, came over and we had wild hog and all the trimmings and the kids exchanged Christmas Presents.
The wind finally blew up a tremendous storm that night but cleared by daylight and we headed to our stands. BOOM! Burney shot. BOOM! then BOOM! Burney was blasting away. Then another shot below the Indian Mound BOOM! Oh hell!

When I got back to camp Burney had blasted a couple of wild hogs and a coyote.
Here he is with Pete and Zach.
Trent staggered in and said that he finally got the deer he had been waiting for.
Two groups set out. One to get the hog and one to get Trents' buck.
Holy Crap! What a Buck! A big heavy horned deer with 9-points and some kind of impressive. The kind you want in your scope just one time.
Here are Trent, Pete and Burney with the big buck and hog. A great after Christmas Hunt!


Marian Love Phillips said...

Congrats to all the hunters in the great wild outdoors at the famous Christmas Place! Awesome and what an impressive weekend! I hope to see a BIG BUCK in my scope soon! :)

Live to Hunt.... said...

Wow, what an amazing Christmas memory. Those are times that the kids will never forget. I love the tradition of it all with family, friends, and even the neighbor. True quality...

SimplyOutdoors said...

Dang! It sounds like it was definitely the right time to be out hunting. Good job to everyone.

Matt said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun.

Congrats to all and GO REBELS!!!

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