Friday, December 05, 2008

Hunting With Camo TV

Hunting With Camo TV
Scene: a hidden ground blind on the edge of a large Greenfield located at a renowned hunting camp in Mississippi called the Christmas Place.
Time: early winter during the peak of the rut

We join our hunters just at daylight as they carefully look through the narrow slots on their blind.
Camo is slowly checking the treeline as his trusty human (Rex Howell)
blows on his grunt call.
Rex- (whispering) Camo, you see anything?
Camo- ruhhh-uhhh
Rex blows the grunt call as Camo scans to the right.
Rex- anything?
camo- ruff!
The big buck eases into the field as Camo bares his fangs and crouches down to wait.
Rex eases up the rifle- Where is he?
Camo- ruff, Grrrrr, ruff
Rex aims, then BLAMMM! the gun goes off!
Camo leaps from the stand and races down the hill.
A few minutes later Camo returns dragging the 200lb. monster buck by the horns,
slings it on the rear of the 4-wheeler; then hops aboard to head for camp.
Ruff!, Ruff! -he says to get Rex moving.
They head back to camp to put the huge buck on the hanging pole.
Another thrilling hunt at the famous Christmas Place by our host and his human companion.
Stay tuned next week as they go after giant wild hogs on
Hunting With Camo.
If you wish to be on the program please email us or leave a comment.


Justin said...

I'm going to have to check out this show for sure!

deerslayer said...

Now if you can teach hiim "catch and release " that would make for a great show or maybe you could make money $$$$$$ by renting him out.

Phillip said...

Dang, he's better looking than half the hosts on the other TV shows too!

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