Monday, December 22, 2008

Antler Bowl Results

Cotton Bowl, MS> In a wild and thrilling game this weekend of the Still Hunting Season, The Marauders eeked out a win over the Bucks in a close one, 28-26. This was a thrilling game with Trent Howell taking the opening kickoff back for a touchdown with a really nice 10-point from the Box Field. This started the game with a frenzy even though Burney was quickly faked at the Double Whiteoak as the Bucks scored.

Then Austin Howell took a long shot at the Leevee Stand and connected on his first buck. A great 8-point!! Congratulations on a really fine first deer. The bucks countered with small bucks in front of Spencer and Rex and the game was at 14-13.

The next day the odds turned against the Bucks as Trent took a magnificent white horned 10-point near the Beaverdam. This bruiser weighed 225lbs. and had a Z- shape on the end of it's antler. Might be kin to that Potter kid.

Several more small bucks were passed up for Buck fieldgoals and this was followed up by a routine but long tined 8-point taken by Paul at East Gate
Two quick escapes and the score was 28-16 as Paul managed to let a big one slip by him later to keep the score close.
The weather changed and all the starters were unable to finish the game as they had already blasted their deer. The Bucks were regrouping to run freely through the Marauder lines.

Late in the game with the time running out for the Marauders, they finally brought in Rex Howell from gathering splinters on the bench. In one heroic moment at the 72 Acre Field, A giant 9-point with a Droptine was dropped and ended the game with the Marauders on top 35-26.


Big Al said...

Congratulations, that's a really fine buck. Will make a fine addition to any decor.

Looks like y'all had a very enjoyable weekend. My Christmas holiday hunting trip has fallen thru due to a boss that doesn't want to co-operate on the time off required... maybe later (at least I didn't buy the license yet).

Matt said...

Congrats on the drop tine! I look forward to seeing the card later today.

Davin said...

Wow what a weekend y'all had Rex!!!! Must say all them were good ones but your buck was WOW ! See what happens when a Lammey gets a great buck,makes you Howell's hunt even harder! Merry Christmas cousin to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy I have to say I look good in that picture!!! HaHaHa!!!!
Daddy I am sooooo proud of one and that dear!!!

Love you much,

CDGardens said...

Sounds like a really exciting Antler Bowl ! Glad you came in at the last minute with that droptine success.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Congrats Rex...that's a great looking 9 pt. buck! You go Rex! That's a good picture of Erin with you and your buck. You can tell she is so proud of you! She needs to put that picture on her blog!!!!
PS: My congrats to all the other hunters as well! :)

Mike Myrick said...

That's a monster Rex! Good job.

JDP said...

Awesome buck Rex! I hope you are going to get that bad boy mounted and hang him up on the wall.


Phillip said...

Well whaddaya know? He can write, and shoot too!

Congrats on tagging out, Rex! That's a pretty buck, and the drop tine makes it even better!

Jeff Hunt said...

Those are some great bucks anywhere, but especially for the South. Congrats on some fine deer...

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