Monday, December 08, 2008

Camp Moron

This past weekend was a prime example of total incompetence. Unlike other well organized and ideal hunting camps like Camp Chicken or possibly even Camp Cowboy, our camp was akin to a Stooges convention and thus earned the name Camp Moron.
It started Friday afternoon after I put Mr. Jones on the Point Stand. He found himself surrounded by wild hogs after awhile. Now instead of shooting the big hog 50 yards from him, he shoots at the one 200 yards from him. Blam! Oink, ha-ha, Oink, ha-ha! The hog wanders off and he does not shoot any of the others. Moron.
The next morning Paul is sitting on the ground and a young buck sees him. Does it run away? Hell, No! It pats it's foot and bobs it's head and moves closer. Another buck sees this and comes in to look. It sees him too! Does it run? Hell, No! It starts popping it's foot and moving closer. A big buck hears the commotion and runs up to see what is going on. Does this happen to anyone else? Hell, No!
Paul shoots his muzzleloader KA-Plat! Ka-Plat???
The buck runs off, he trails it all morning and it gets away. Not enough powder in rifle. Moron.
Terry Cutrare is on the best big buck stand we have and shoots the first doe he sees. He is a moron even though he got a deer.
Mark stewart has killed the only big buck of the year and has screwed up the whole hunting season because of it. Moron.
Jim Rusch got to the North Cornfield Saturday afternoon and is covered with nice bucks. Finally, Grandpa comes out of the grass. A big 10-point. He figures the distance at 100 yards and levels his muzzleloader. Ka-Boom! The deer looks around.
He reloads, figures it may be a hair further. The deer turns around broadside. Ka-Boom! The deer looks around, figures something is amiss and wanders off. The distance is close to 175 yards. Moron!
Paul lets a big one slip past him the next morning, he may be a double moron.
I haven't even seen a deer to think about shooting so I must be a moron too.
Dad breaks the sink, so we have to replace it. Moron.
Trigger may be the only sane being there.
Here is a pic of Camp Moron.


Big Al said...

Am I gonna have to come over there and show you all how to point and shoot?

Well..., at least it sounds like y'all have some deer in the neighborhood. Maybe luck will change and the wind will blow right and the moon will be in the proper phase... If my dad were still here he'd show you how to hold your jaw right.

Phillip said...

Hey, I think I've hunted at that camp before!

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