Monday, December 15, 2008

Click, Click, Boom!

Jim Dandy, MS> This past weekend was the last for the muzzleloading season and when Spencer, Camo and I arrived at camp the hanging pole was already full. Eddie Mangum had taken a young doe and Austin had taken a nice hog. Looked like the weekend was going to be great.
It rapidly went south when the next morning Eddie hunted the Box Field. Before he could even get set in his stand a big buck walked out almost under him. He raised up with his .45-70. Click! The gun misfired. Click, Click, Click! The deer wandered off.
He took the bullet out and shoved another one in. An hour later, another big buck comes out at the top of the field. He raised his rifle. Click!, Oh s##t! Click, Click, Damn! The big buck drifted away. He replaced the bullet and hung his head down. Once again he looked up and Old Ned was ambling across the field. He raised his rifle, quickly aimed. Blam! The deer never looked up. Holy Moses! He reloaded. Blam! The deer scratched his butt with a big antler and stepped off in the woods.
This was just too weird. Of course it is Eddie we are talking about. To save a little face, when the doe jumped up in front of him, he made a perfect shot and loaded her on the 4-wheeler.
He shuffled back to camp heartbroken.
Paul had his muzzleloader ready that morning and as always had not been on his stand an hour when a big buck came racing down the hill and stopped broad side at 20 yards.
He raised his rifle and aimed. This buck was about to be smoked. He shot! Click! Yikes. Click! Click! The deer bounded away.
He returned back to camp to a nice round of jeers..
It looked hopeless and more like the Moron Camp Part II.
Spencer went to the base of the leevee that afternoon and lo and behold a nice 8-point came out. Blam! Dead Buck! This was Spencers first buck taken while completely hunting on his own. All the kids loaded up and brought the deer back.
Spencer returned to camp a hero!

The next morning, Paul returned to the Hole Stand. He saw nothing and got off his stand and started wandering around. Deer appeared all around him. A big buck came trotting up to him. Does this happen to anyone else? BOOM! Smoke went everywhere, The big buck lay dead as a doornail in the swamp.
Paul returned to camp to fetch his entourage to get the big SOB.
He thinks he is a damn hero too.
All in all a weekend that went from heart wrenching agony to total ectasy.


Jeff Hunt said...

I don't care if it is called Camp Moron... I would be a proud member of any place that has bucks like you guys are killing over there.
Keep the updates coming!

Phillip Jarrell said...

Congrats Paul, great deer. I enjoy the blog and the photos, keep 'em coming.

Matt said...

Congrats to Paul, Eddie and especially Spencer!

SimplyOutdoors said...

That is one nice deer. And congrats to spencer on his first "alone" buck.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Congrats Spencer on your first 8 pt. buck by yourself! That is so neat!
To Paul - my congrats to you also! To Austin and Eddie my congrats on your harvest and a great picture of everyone taken by Rex. :)

deerslayer said...

Has anyone thought about checking the firing pins to see if Rex removed them? Oh thats right you said it was muzzle loader season, well then check the caps and the pins. Rex doesn't like anyone getting one up on him. Rex check out my sight for a nice muzzle loader buck and congratulations to all who took deer during this hunt.

Dash said...

Congrats on the nice deer! I'm gonna have to come over there and hunt some of those Mississippi deer.

shimniok said...

Congrats to ya-- nice deer there!! Man it must be frustrating to misfire. At least it's not like me who can't aim a perfectly reliable gun at 100 yds. :(

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