Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back To Turkeys

Double Gobble, MS> Enough of that, let's get back to hunting. Turkey season opens this weekend and it looks like everyone except me and Mark are ready. Shooting turkeys at the Christmas Place is about like shooting fish in a barrel. We are heading down tomorrow even though the weather has turned cold, icy and very damn frosty.
I have no quarrel with the turkeys and only want to go in hopes Spencer can get one. If he doesn't go, Mark and I will probably sit out for awhile and stack them up like cordwood. Hell, Dad gets a turkey every year and he can't hear thunder. Too bad Othmar is not going to be here, running an empire doesn't leave much time for hunting. I hope to get Marian up in a week or so to try it and Critter too.
These turkeys are a nuisance and are messing up my deer hunting, if you are interested in blasting one of these overgrown vultures leave me a comment.


Live to Hunt.... said...

Sounds good! We've got two more weeks to go. My son was drawn for his first youth hunt for the opening weekend so I am crossing my fingers that they are thick as mosquitos and he gets a chance.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Looking forward to hunting turkeys at the famous Christmas Place. I will get my turkey caller out and start practicing. :)

critter said...

i will be glad to join you if you promise not to take me on the scenic route this time i like the way your dad hunts, let the turkey come to the four wheeler jump on shot it. that way you dont even need to pick it up and back to camp. the last adventure with you was not like that even if i did enjoy it (well) a little. talk to you soon red dogg

Editor said...

the mountain will not go to Mohammed

Big Al said...

I was told by a great man whom I much respect that I should never take up the sport of hunting Turkeys. "Boy," he said (it WAS a while ago) "turkey hunting is the most addictive hunting a man can do. I've found myself spending all my money traveling all over the country and half the world hunting the damn things and have fields full of them right here in my own back yard! NEVER take up turkey hunting!" ...and I never have.

(...but I might. Ain't dead yet.)