Monday, March 02, 2009

The Great Hog Hunt of 2009

Porksylvania, MS> I was ready to leave the office on friday and rushed to get out of here. Greg was not going but Kim and Kyle were following us down to camp. Her son Tyler had already left to meet Dad. When I got to camp, I found that Tyler Jones had already scored on a really nice hog to set the weekend on the right path. That night every one finally showed up and we ate drank, and visited. Dad, Bob and Marian were there, Paul and Michael, Me, Denise, Spencer and Erin, Burney showed up with Austin, Katie and her friend Zoey, Kim, Tyler and Kyle, Jones. Two of our neighbors (Chris and Bryan) were there for the great hunt too. We had a fun night as the drizzling rain washed the Christmas Place and went to bed ready to get after the hogs.
The next morning the cold wind and rain whipped us and to cut it short, we saw no hogs and only Denise and I heard hogs at the Elbow stand. That afternoon we regrouped and headed out. Things got interesting very quickly. Bryan and Michael started shooting first, I took my binoculars out and looked across the field just in time to see Kim blast one at the elbow. BLAM, BLAM, BLAM!! 15 to 20 shots out of that one area. Then I heard Kyle start blasting at the Point Stand.
Then Marian and Bob shot at the GameWarden Stand. I was like the Maytag repairman! Erin and I did not see one. When we got back to camp it was in a tizzy and then they started bringing in the hogs.
The Gator was full of hogs that night, and even though Bob missed, Kim, Bryan, Michael, and Kyle had blasted hogs until they were out of bullets! It was cold but we all gathered to get a drink and have a pic or two snapped of the mighty hog killers.

Burney had spent the day cooking a whole hog on the smoker and that night we had a fantastic dinner. We let the hogs hang in the cold weather as we gathered around the fire and listened to the stories of the hunt. It got late as we drank and talked and everyone went to bed exhausted. When we woke the next morning, the ground was covered in snow. We set up drives through the thick brush and even though it was exciting, we got no hogs. I guess those Joneses killed them all! Overall we got 6 wild hogs this past weekend. Here is a pic of the mighty hog hunters. Phillip would have burst a button with pride! What a great weekend! The first Annual Christmas Place Hog Hunt was a major success!


Anonymous said...

I hope this turns into more than just once a year. I had a great time! Plus Denise and I actually did a little shopping in Yazoo City! Can't beat that. Thank you!
~aka ms.scratch
~aka one-one shot Jones

Matt said...

Sounds like a blast!

Phillip said...

Quite a hunt, and an awesome tale!

Congrats to all the successful hunters!

EcoRover said...

What a party! What rifles do the kids use? 243 or?

Editor said...

the kids used .270 or .243
wish you all could of been there

GUYK said...

looks like it was a good hunt. Good meat and got rid of a few pests to boot