Monday, October 02, 2006

Marks First Buck

RipVanwinkle, MS> Mark Stewart had hunted with us since we were in college. (1978)It has been a real education into the outdoor life (for him). He started out as a no-nothing Memphis hunter (as we call them). He knew nothing about hunting, but He really enjoyed the camaraderie of the camp and somehow kept our friendship alive through many ups and downs. He did this because there is not a bad or vindictive bone in his body. He (as I learned) is one of those rare true friends, one that will stick with you through thick or thin. He became a member when we were at Abbeville and later when we made the move to Natchez. He had never killed a deer in all the years we were together, (God knows I tried) but things changed rapidly once we got to the Christmas Place. He took a giant step and learned more about scouting for sign, finding stand areas, and staying with it until he finally took a couple of does. That really got him going. That day he hunted the #1 field. A cool and crisp afternoon had made the field fill up with deer and just at dark a nice 8-pointer stepped out in front of him. A big rack! His heart went crazy but he managed to get the crosshairs on him. BOOM! The deer crashed and Mark had the weight of the world off his shoulders.
Rex was hunting a good place on the edge of the creek and overlooking the cotton field. He relaxed and watched several deer grazing when a distant gunshot made him hope that Mark had finally got his deer.
Just at the last of daylight, he saw a big buck rapidly approaching. It hit the creek, crossed and moved to the edge of the field. It was just around a little bend in the tree line. Rex got his rifle up. He scanned the edge with his scope waiting for the monster to step out. The sound of a gunning engine caught his attention. The deer all disappeared as rapid honks of the horn was followed with a Bronco sliding around the edge of the field. Mark came barreling out into the middle of the field.
He slammed on the brakes, hit the horn and shouted “I got him!” Rex got down, the big buck forgotten, he found a wild eyed and happy Mark, hugged him and shook his hand. They gazed at each other with their friendship magically renewed and strengthened. A slap on the back and it was time to go get him. It had been a long hunt. (1995)

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mark said...

the first of many to come. if anyone is wondering---- yea, it was and still is worth it.