Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bear Claws' Baby Boy Graduates

Drew Stewart, son of the infamous Mailrider, has actually managed to graduate high school. His Momma, the woman only known as Bear Claw is soooo proud.
His good looks, pleasant manner and knowing a famous blogger (me) helped fool all the teachers at the Collierville High School for a passing grade and with the Stewart fortune, his father managed to buy his way into Ole Miss.
He wants to be a lawyer. HAHAHA!
He is ready to continue in his older brothers footsteps and I am sure the professors at Ole Miss will soon be calling him John Jr.
Needless to say his hunting will be more limited than it is now because if he fails he is looking at the Marines, Army or Air Force and Water Valley needs a few more guys riding around on the back of a Garbage truck.
PS- do not worry, we will be glad to shoot those big old bucks you won’t be hunting this fall.


Sandi said...

He looks like Eli Manning.

Editor said...

don't say that, his head is already as big as a watermelon.