Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mexican Weirdness

There is something strange going on in Mexico. Mark (Mailrider) Stewart left Saturday and Paul (Shyster) Howell left today for Cozumel, Mexico.
Does this not strike you as odd?
drinking, partying and enjoying a life of luxury sounds great but the idea of someone seeing their fat white bodies reflecting in the sun is a horrifying thought.
Of course the idea of those two rats slinking through the streets of Cozumel at night is terrifying too.
Let's see, crooked Lawyers and Government employees....
My God! they are going to take over and unionize the Mexican Postal Service!
I had better warn Jamie to guard the border.


Albert A Rasch said...

Your content has been stolen without credit.

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I've been at this all night! I'll have a post on this later today.


Phillip said...

Hey, looks like I'll be in good company down there!