Monday, June 08, 2009

What's Wrong With My Hair?

I have been noticing something wrong with my hair. I have a full head of sandy brown hair but recently I have noticed some light colored streaks in it. In fact they seem to be white and gray;, and to make it worse they seem to be getting bigger.
I need a cure for this if you have any suggestions.


Marian Love Phillips said...

You can go to the drugstore and buy Clairol in a box that will help you look like yourself again! But to be honest with you...I love gray makes you look very distinguished! :)

Phillip said...

Rex, I've found two remedies.

One, is go with it. It's "distinguished" and "sexy", depending on which magazines you read and how much you pay your therapist.

Option two comes from companies like Wahl, Remington, or Bruhn. Get a good clipper, set to its lowest setting, and buzz that stuff to the skull.

gary said...

Phillip's #2 option would never do if you have a scull like mine. It'd scare all the young kids half to death.

I'm 10 years older then my wife and she has more gray hair then I so I know its not always age that does it.

If I was you, I'd except it as a sign of timely experience, even when others think it looks like a piebald. Not everyone can be gray you know.

Editor said...

y'all are under the misapprehension that I might have gray hair. How ridiculous!
This must be some rare disease.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Clairol nice and easy. Not that I would know.

critter said...

yes those are called your getting old i also noticed while in town the other day while my daughter was driving that you had the same problem your daughter was driving this seems to help in increasing these light to gray areas on your head much faster

Anonymous said...

well editor your wrong gray hairs look better than your mom pussy