Monday, June 15, 2009

Hogs Squared

Two years ago I had never even seen a wild hog.
Last year we killed almost 40 of the damn things.
Dad has come back from camp with the news that the
hogs are destroying everything on the property.
They are even digging wallows in the side of the leevee
on the lake. This could be a real problem.
Their reproduction rates must put a rabbit to shame.
I don't know if we can shoot enough of them to stay ahead.
Obviously, we need more alligators.


Justin said...

There was a huge problem with wild hogs in Prineville, OR a few years back that resulted in open game on hogs if ranchers OK'd hunting on their property. These hogs can ruin crops very quickly.

Kevin said...

Sounds like I need to come on down and help drop a few hogs.

Phillip said...

Much as I love hunting them, hogs can be a real problem when they get out of control. It sounds like trapping may be your next best option.

Good luck with it. I really wish I could make it out there to help take a couple off of your hands for ya, but that's a heck of a trip in these economic times.

Hunter 4 Life said...

I know just what your talkin about.They are hard to get under control!Just keep shootin em

Frank said...

We have the same problem in North Alabama. Last year in Bankhead Forrest the conservation dept. said if you see one during deer season kill it. They've been trapping them and still put on a special hunt for them but they didn't have the results they wanted. There is no closed season on hogs here. We have special hunts for the management areas. There really being a problem here.