Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Notes From The VA Conference

Yesterday I had to get up early and drive to Jackson for a Veterans Affairs conference. Listed below are the things you need to know if you are going to apply for a VA loan.
1. if you buy a homelot, the driveway better be on your property all the way to the street. If not, I am going to require a permanent easement and a road upkeep agreement.
2. if your water is from a well it better be on your property. (No matter what your Mom next door says). I am going to require a permanent easemant and an upkeep agreement.
3. don't call me to do an appraisal on your new home unless you are finished. we will let a few doorknobs and light fixtures slide, but it had better be very close to a final product.
4. if the house you want to buy is in really bad shape, do not even apply for a VA loan to begin with. (I would suggest a bridge loan to start.)
5. If you served in the Civil War like Jon Bryan, I am not sure what program you should apply for in the VA. Maybe something to do with 40 acres and a mule?
That should wrap up about all you need to know for today.

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