Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Free Gifts Shower Renowned Blogger

Daydream, MS> Rex Howell, world famous blogger and trophy hunter, continues to enjoy the fruits of his success. Thousands of fans send him gifts and name their children after him. In fact, more people know his blogging than Paul has brought hunting to the famous Christmas Place. (which is a lot.) The gifts and cash (of course) continue to roll in. Here is a small example of a generous gift from a well known hunting magazine. Hershel said “ can you use that on turkeys?” Paul said “makes fawn taste like chicken” Trent said “I don’t use it, the manly thing to do is eat the liver raw!” Burney said “ah, crappie lure!” and Mark said “the Stewart family will try it with their doe recipes” Rex Howell, generous and gracious legend, said “Keep those cards and letters coming, my faithful readers.

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