Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jack of Clubs

Poker, MS> The point stand was hot! Red hot! The only problem was that every weekend the wind was from the south or east. Everyone knew that if the wind changed, someone would get a deer there. That night we sat talking and telling stories, with everyone telling how they were going to be on the point stand the next morning. Finally, Paul (the Unwise) said “ By damn, we’ll just draw cards and settle this right now!” We all gathered around as a new deck of cards was spread over the table. Everyone eased a hand out and pulled a card back. A two, a four, a nine, and the next was the Jack of Clubs. Rex smiled and said “I’ll have that big buck by 8:00 AM”
The morning was perfect and the wind was finally from the north. The deer moved through the chest high grass toward him until five does were right under him. He held his breath as they eased past him and disappeared . 15 minutes later he spotted a coyote, easing toward him at 150 yards. The deer were gone and it looked like the hunt was over. Oh hell, BOOM! The coyote scampered as dirt flew up around him. Good-bye and good riddance he thought to himself. Ten minutes later a flash of antlers to his left. He eased his scope up and watched as the big buck moved directly toward him. At 40 yards it stopped and he took dead aim. BLAM!!!
The 8 point buck dropped in it’s tracks. He glanced at his watch. 8:00 AM. He smiled at the luck of the draw and under comments on the deer harvest sheet he wrote Jack of Clubs.

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