Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Return of TurkeyBoy

Big Strut, MS> Everyone was taking a well deserved weekend off from working at the Christmas Place Gulag. Everyone except Paul and Michael, they were turkey hunting. The two assassins moved into the Negotiation Log Field before daylight. Mosquitos were eating them alive but Paul did not have a mosquito killing license. He stroked his box call.
The could hear turkeys below them but they could not get them nearer. Michael felt confident, but as the morning wore on, he was also getting bored and low on blood from the mosquitos that looked awfully like hummingbirds. He realized there would be no turkeys today. At nine they prepared to leave but Paul, whose bloodlust knows no bounds, gave one last try on the call. Way off he heard an answer! They got ready and prepared to ambush the innocent gobbler. He called again and in a few minutes the big turkey came into the field. It spotted the decoy of a lovesick hen, and started running straight at it. It was love at first sight! Michael deftly dodged a sparrow sized mosquito and leveled his gun. BLAM! Michael nailed him in midstride. This big gobbler weighed 18lbs with an 11 inch beard.
Score: Michael 2, rest of camp 0

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