Monday, April 24, 2006

Golf, A Show, and Seafood

Tunica, MS> Greg Jones, his beautiful bride Kim, my wonderful fiancee' Denise and my self (your local bogeymaster)headed for the Tunica casinos Saturday. The girls went to the outlet mall and we managed to get a tee time at the River Bend Golf Links.The course is beautiful and set up as an old style English links course The price was $58 a piece with a cart. I birdied the first hole and it was downhill fron there. Mr. Jones beat the hell out of me.
Afterwards we headed for the Grand Casino, where Jeff Foxworthy was having a comedy show at 7:00 PM. Hw was great. Very funny and entertaining. His best quote was
"Tunica is the only place in the world you can shoot craps and shoot doves within 100 yards of each other." The price was about $55 per ticket.
We headed though the casino, and upstairs to the Seafood Buffett. All you can eat
seafood. $48 for two people! Add a lot of beer mixed in this equation and you can see it was a great deal. Add the fact that Denise promptly won $100 on the slots before we left and it is a great trip to go on. We will be going back once I figure out how to stop the shanks.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Im sure you told me that you didn't do anything interesting over the weekend. Next time I will have to remember to say "FUN" instead of interesting.