Monday, April 17, 2006

A Rich Mans' Hog Hunt

Blood Splat, MS> It was Easter, a time of love, family, remembering Christian beliefs and
honoring the resurrection of the Lord. Paul Howell felt terrible. His trigger finger itched. He was at camp with his family and he was having no fun at all. The girls had brought their boyfriends and were having a great time. They wanted to fish, ride 4 wheelers and explore. Paul hates that crap. He wanted blood, as usual. He decided a hog hunt would cure his bloodlust. He made a few calls, loaded everyone up in his Hummer and headed to the hog hunt. When they arrived, dressed in their finest hunting clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch, Paul and Michael saw two large hog traps filled to the brim with wild hogs raising hell and trying to escape. They passed out the shotguns to Michael, the girls and their city boyfriends.
They went over the rules.
1. circle cages
2. when door is pulled open, raise guns
3. as hogs run out, fire at will
they circled the boxes, the door was yanked open.
There is some doubt as to whether the hogs were able to get out before the rain of lead blew them to smithereens, but Paul felt better. They shook hands all around and headed back to camp. Another bloody and successful hunt!

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