Friday, October 06, 2006

Hidden Treasure?

Oak Island, MS> Everyone knows that there are secrets buried at the famous Christmas Place Prospectors Club. The land sits south of the old cotton capital of the world at Greenwood, MS and north of Vicksburg and Natchez, which were big trading areas and early settlements. The main wagon road led directly through the heart of our property. When we bought the land we were told of the cannon barrel of gold buried there. We keep a sharp eye out knowing that is not all that is buried here. The woods are full of old homesites and rock chimneys. Plowing the fields we find old bottles, arrowheads, and assorted bricks and pottery. Robbers and thieves ran amok in the area and everyone knows they buried their treasure here.
A few years ago, Trent was sneaking around looking for sign and was crossing the main cottonfield when a gleam caught his eye. Reaching down he pulled a silver half dollar out of the dirt. Yeehah!!!! He looked for more, then headed to the camp.
The members gathered around and studied the coin for awhile. The great deductive minds were not sure when it was buried but is was obviously stolen by the notorious stagecoach robber Ben Franklin. Brilliant!!!!

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