Thursday, October 26, 2006

Killer Tornado Hits Christmas Place

Cyclone, MS> Paul"Hot Weld" Jones called on the phone and screamed "A tornado just hit the Christmas Place" He added "Everythings OK, except that it knocked trees down across all the roads" Hershel "ASAP" Howell was ecstatic! He quickly organized a giant work party. He hit his speed dial and called Rex.
"Rex, Trees are down at the camp, I'm organizing a big work party to clean it all up" "GET your Chainsaw!" Rex answered "OK, How many people have you got?" He answered "Just You" and hung up.
Desperate times call for desperate actions, Rex started calling the members.
Briinnng! "Burney, a tornado hit the camp, we need chainsaws and all hands this weekend.""UHHHHH... so sowwy, Mr. Burney, no live here, he move to Okiehoma, no speak Eenglish call back after deer season" CLICK!! That was strange, I didn't know he was moving out of the country.
Briinnggg! "Paul, need help, a tornado hit the Christmas Place, we need help and chainsaws. Silence..... "I would love to help, but I am squirrel hunting with rich doctors and lawyers, more important than you peons. I will be with you in spirit!" CLICK!!!!
Brinnggg! "Mark, help! Tornado hit the Christmas Place and roads are blocked" He answered " Rebels, blah, blah, Auburn, Coach O, Grove, Go Rebs, Hotty Toddy! Rebs!" CLICK!! funny I didn't invite Coach O. Hell, who was left?
Brinngg! "Trent, need chainsaws to clear road at Christmas Place this weekend" He said "I will be on the tractor and when I finish I will be scouting. CLICK!!!!
I did not even know you could run a chainsaw while sitting on a tractor.
I hung up and realized, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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