Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tornado Cleanup

Shambles, MS> We arrived at tornado alley Friday night and started to work Saturday morning. I pulled the ragged chainsaw out and started pulling on it. Nothing. Pull, nothing, pull, nothing for thirty minutes. Finally it cranked and was so pitiful that it would not cut. Much adjusting and Dads' sage advice later, it finally got where it would run. Of course, the chain was so dull that you could not cut butter.
Cut, stop, pull, sharpen chain, cut, , stop, pull, repeat. this went on most of the morning until someone found the key to Pauls new fourwheeler. Did I mention that it is a Grizzly 660. Wow! We threw down our rusty tools and all went mud riding. Yahoo!! Another fun time. We finished up and headed in. They put out some more rye grass seed that afternoon and Denise and I, plus the kids headed back to Water Valley to walk the Pine Valley Haunted Trail.

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