Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Pitiful 2006 Squirrel Camp

Slim Pickins, MS> Everyone was excited and converged Friday afternoon at the famous Christmas Place Rodent Ranch for the annual Squirrel Hunt. Mark and I arrived early, but were concerned with the quality of the hunters rolling in.

Joe Newman and his son Michael were there along with Sam Goodwin and Baxter Jones. Hershel was puttering in the kitchen and Bobby was already poking the fire and getting Austin to find firewood. A crooked shooting bunch if I ever saw one. Don't worry it gets worse!

A couple of unprepared bowhunters, Burney and Andy Ozbourne (Ozzies' boy), came strolling in as lost as a ghost in a snow storm. Sam Goodwin was talking and hollering to beat the band and his son Thomas just shook his head. To top it off Paul Howell and his son Michael came in just before supper with OUR new Grizzly 660 fourwheeler.

They talked about squirrels, they drank, they talked about shotguns, they talked about different loads and techniques, they drank, they ate supper, they drank, they talked, drank, talked, drank and drank some more.
I could see a disaster looming!
Just before they went to bed, Greg Jones and his son Tyler came in, so they drank some more! I will give them credit, everyone was up and ready to go before daylight.
Off to the woods on a perfect morning! When Mark and I got back from fixing stands
there were no deer, few squirrels and some quiet hunters dressing the game. That afternoon the Rebels also lost to that damn Alabama in overtime. Crikey!

During the game a harbinger of even worse luck showed up in the form of Allen Mcleod and his unlucky son Conner. Allen fit right in with the other losers and seemed to have a great time as Paul fed him lie after lie about his hunting abilities and the Christmas Place. No one had their heart in it that afternoon and only a few more squirrels were taken. It seemed like everyone wanted to just sit around the fire and visit.
That night was better as Squirrel and Dumplings was the main menu. Their was just enough squirrels to feed the lot of them and it was really good. Sweet potatos, Jalepena cornbread, and I don't even know what else filled everyone to bursting levels. Don't forget plenty of liquid refreshments as we moved to the fire and told stories, lies and damn lies.
The next day the whole sorry lot of them staggered off to the woods and did worse than the day before! Tyler earned the nickname Crow Killer with some nifty blasting of these miniature vultures. Sam Goodwin was the Top Squirrel Hunter For 2006. He is the only person crazy enough to hunt the varmints in his bare feet. Here is a picture of the whole group, so you can pick out the guilty parties. We had a great time even though we missed a few of our old friends.
Hope everyone can make the Squirrel Camp For 2007!


sir slayer of crows said...

float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee!!!
no one can shoot crows better than me!!! ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Now all we need to do is get all these killers to go cut trees