Friday, October 06, 2006

The Mysterious Rod Storrs

DoubleNaught,MS> Rod Storrs is a mystery, inside a conundrum, inside an enigma, etc. Who is he? What the hell is he doing in Mississippi? Many people believe that he is in the Federal Witness Protection Program.Others believe that he is an agent for CONTROL. Here are the important and kind of weird facts we know. First he is a Yankee, we have accepted that but after 20 years here, he still talks funny. He is known to disappear for weeks, months or years at a time with no explanation and has a habit of talking to his shoe. He says he served in Vietnam but we don't know on whose side. He knows a lot about Black Helicopters. He was just sightseeing on that grassy knoll in Dallas and likes his martinis shaken, not stirred. He also can show up at the strangest times. You are at a ballgame and LOOK! Rod is a damn referee! You go in a bar and find him huddled in a corner with a shadowy character that resembles a Klingon. You are in the middle of nowhere duck hunting, turn around and he is standing right beside you! He learned Karate from a strange Buddhist monk in China and has a strange resemblance to Santa Claus. He loves to hunt. Turkey, deer, whatever. After he shoots, he always says "My life for you, Godfather".
He lives in a swamp north of Oxford. This is bizarre without adding anything to it.
His cabin is hidden way back in the woods and I can assure you that trespassing would be fatal
He lives alone but has a thing for redheads and always injects the phrase "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE " into a conversation.A good hunting companion, always in a good mood, quick to laugh and fun to joke with. He has been a good friend of the Howell family for a long time.
P.S. I have checked his fingers to see if they are the right length (they are). So if he is an alien bounty hunter his disguise is perfect.


Anonymous said...

NOT an alien?? With a grin like that?? I ain't buying it. Plus, whose hair is that, anyway??

But most suspicious of all: look at those tanks!! They're absolutely tiny!!

Anonymous said...

OH, my GOSH!!! This is so true! How well you know the old goat!