Thursday, July 24, 2008

Irish Problems

Yesterday was a nightmare. I did not have time to post here or on Marians site. The reason is typical. When business comes, it comes in flurries and if a problem arises it happens at the exact same time.
It was the cutoff day to get my passport for our trip to Ireland. Go to Oxford, get a passport. Seems real simple.
The first time I went they said I had to have an appointment. Of course, they weren't doing anything, I just had to have an appointment. I made the appointment and went home. The next day amid business and the damn phone ringing off the hook I loaded up and went back. I got every thing done but damned if I did not forget my birth certificate. DAMN! I had to get it to them and finished by 3:30PM.
I was sure I had a birth certificate laying around and easy to find. Three hours later with my office torn to shreds and the clock ticking down I could not find it.
Denise calls and I tell her what is going on. She says "Oh, I have it here".
I rushed home, got the birth certificate and got every thing done with seconds to spare. Cost for a rush order $193.00. Yes $193.00.


CDGardens said...

Nothing like seconds to spare with stressing the nerves. Plus a big out of the pocket expense.

It will make your trip all that much sweeter. From pictures of Ireland I know it will be a great place to visit.

SimplyOutdoors said...

$193 bucks. Good lord. I guess you really didn't have much of a choice huh.

deerslayer said...

I've had my passport since I was 6 months old and it didn't cost nowhere near that much. Maybe you should go ahead and get your shots up to date as well and get your rental car reservations set-up too.Anyway the trip will all be worth it after you get there and go striaght to the pub. Have a great trip.

Michelle Rene said...

I find that anything that has to do with documntation in government form is going to be a hassle. Ugh.