Friday, July 18, 2008

Jones Farm Is Now Posted

In light of recent suspicious activities on the Jones Farm, a security system is currently in the process of being put into place. This is no ordinary home ( or cow) defense system though. This unique homemade system is specifically designed to keep out one single lanky, overly tanned, half blind cretin.
An elaborate security system of many layers has been created to mislead and confuse this sarcastic and pitiful, so-called Blogger.
The specs for the expertly devised diversions are as follows:
1)Paul paying camp fees ( who wants to miss that?)
2)A shiny nickel
3)A flashing sign that reads LOOK HERE TO SEE WHAT A REAL WEB SITE LOOKS LIKE.
4)A MS State fan
5)An LSU fan
6)free babysitting service
7)Houston Nutt
8)A dog catcher (HA-HA you Evil Dog)
9)A black and mild cigar
10)J.K. Rowling
12)boobs (and lots of ‘em)

If, by some miracle this “blog wizard” makes his way through this maze of temptation, then he is free to come terrorize our cows again, but I doubt we’ll have much to worry about. He will never get past the boobs.

posted by TJ
Spawn of Scratchy


Anonymous said...

A writer too! Tyler, you should have a blog, or write a novel or something. You seem to be great at what ever you choose to do! Loved reading this and laughing out loud! xo, Ms.Denise

Kevin said...

Thanks for the great link... I miss talking we should catch up here soon.


Dash said...

Hotty toddy! 6 more weeks, brother.

deerslayer said...

if he gets by all that security try cooking a big deer ham on the spit, that will bring him right to you so you don't have to chase him down. ha ha ha