Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Work Camp Set

San Quentin, MS> This coming weekend a work camp has been set for the famous prison known as the Christmas Place HellHole. I called all the inmates to see what time they would be there to work.

Burney- I am going to the coast and probably won't make it.
Paul- Ahhh, I am going to be on vacation in the caribbean.
Trent- I have a major trial coming up in 4 months and have to get ready for it.
Bobby- Burney is gone and I can't go without him.
Michael- Ahhh, I have a Cantata to go to.
Mark- I think the Rebels are having a scrimmage that day
Drew- my girlfriends birthday is that weekend
Spencer- I'm sick
John- I'm hunting in Batesville this year
Hershel- don't worry, Rex and I will take care of everything
Rex- Damn!


GUYK said...

Well, if I was there I would do the discin' for ya..that is after I got tired of fishin'

Matt said...

Funny post. Have fun with it!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Poor Rex...always have to do all the work...you are much loved! :)

Big Al said...

I remember those days, back when I had a place to hunt...

It seems that everybody has a good excuse not to do the labor, but don't block the door openning day!

Dash said...

Sounds a lot like my club. I can hear it now. "My girlfriend's birthday is later that week and I need to be there for her." Or, "My dog needs to go to the vet that weekend for his annual checkup." Something smart like that. It's a wonder anything ever gets done around there. Good luck!

deerslayer said...

Well I'd be there to help out but last time I tried sneakin in and ole thunderhoof chased me out and said not to come back.

deerslayer said...
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