Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Lesson From Tom Sawyer

If you happened to read the recent post from Kristine over at Hunt Smart, Think Safety, entitled Caution Yes, Fear No, she talked about woodcraft, knowing the outdoors, and what to do if you see an animal capable of causing you harm.
I am going to relate one of those stories that stuck to me as a kid, that I think every person should try to keep in mind when in a tense situation.
I was about 10 and Disney re-released their movie of Tom Sawyer, and for some reason my Dad wanted to go see it. I guess it was nostalgia from when he was a kid.
Tom and Becky were lost in the cave and while exploring they come across the bad guy, the evil Injun Joe. Now in the book they escape and Injun Joe dies alone in the cave, but in the movie it gets more dramatic.
They run and Injun Joe corners Tom against the edge of a sheer cliff that falls away for a thousand feet and it looks like curtains for Tom Sawyer. Injun Joe is smiling and walking toward him as Tom is desperately trying to figure a way to get away and Tom reaches down and feels his pocket for a misplaced weapon, anything he can find, and he touches a brass door-knob he is carrying for luck. Inspiration comes to him and at the last minute, he snatches the door knob out, throws it and hits the bad guy square between the eyes. This knocks our villain down and Tom and Becky make their escape.
When we left the movie, my Dad asked me if I learned anything from that part of the movie. My answer of course was “stock up on door-knobs?”
He became serious and told me, “No matter what happens, or how serious and scary a situation you are in, do not panic. If you keep your head and your cool so that you can think, you will survive while most people will not.”
I have been in some strange and pretty scary predicaments, but this thought always comes to my mind and has helped me in many dangerous situations.


Matt said...

Good post. There are lots of great lesson to be learned from Tom Sawyer and his partner Huckleberry Finn. I've never seen that movie though; will have to get it.

Tom Sorenson said...

A very good point. I'd like to think I'd be able to keep my head in tricky situations, but never having actually been in one, I'm not sure. I think the ability to stay calm in dangerous situations is definitely what separates the survivors from the statistics.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Great tips Rex.

I have been in a couple of sticky situations in my life, and thankfully I was able to keep my cool and get through them.

It definitely helps to not panic, assess the situation, and then do what needs to be done.

The Hunter's Wife said...

What nice words to remember from your father. You always seem to have the best stories.

Ok am I the only one who thought "is that a door-knob in your pocket?" Sorry!

Kristine said...

That's great advice and so true. I've seen that play out in my own life in several situations.

Your Dad is a wise man.

webdesign brno said...

Certainly a great advice. Your dad is a wise man .

Miles Tactical said...

With my aim I would need at least 20 doorknobs to hit Joe in the head. Chances are I would have accidentally hit Becky instead lol