Monday, July 21, 2008

Something Fishy

After receiving the Note from Thunderhoof, I noticed what seemed to be an underlying tone that made me wonder if the work camp this weekend was going to have some problems. As usual, I was right.
When we got to camp we split into groups for Saturday morning. Mark, Drew and I were on the chainsaw road-clearing detail. It did not take long to realize what that stupid deer had done. He had pushed trees down across every road on the whole place. You could see the gashes from his gigantic antlers in the trunk of the trees where he had pushed them over. I bet we had to cut twenty trees off the roads.
During a lull in sawing, we heard his distinctive grunt-snicker through the woods. I guess he thought it was real funny for us to work like that in 100 degree heat. I have news for him. A bullet is waiting for him come November.


Marian Love Phillips said...

....and that bullet has my name on it! :)

Tom Sorenson said...

Ah, yes...revenge will be sweet, will it not? This mean, conniving, heartless, and plain cruel deer must pay for his actions.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Once Marian puts that bullet in him, where is she going to put the mount?

With antlers big enough to push over that tree, she's going to need a pretty big open space.

Matt said...

That has to be the final straw with that big deer. Take him down!

CDGardens said...

With all the work he has created that Thunderhoof has got to GO! ;)