Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upcoming Stories

To the people that have asked about what stories I have planned for the rest of the year. I have been working and plotting to keep things active and here is what I am planning.
1. Continuing the story of the Confederate Map and Treasure. I will be getting some help from Marian, GuyK and Cookie.
2. A strange campfire story about a very evil spot discovered in our woods where human sacrifice was performed.
3. When I was 11 I witnessed the greatest Tall Tale of all time. To this day no one has come close and I hope I can retell it as funny as it actually happened.
4. Another story involving the Vampire called Wandering Jack.
5. More of Spencer Golightly and the Ghost Glasses.
6. Annual Interview with Thunderhoof
7. Another campfire story about a mysterious valley on our property that lulls hunters in, and they are never heard from again.
8. A ghost story of what happened to me on a cold Christmas Hunt just after dark. Please read my first Christmas Place Story if you haven't.
9. Pics and stories as we prepare for deer season.
10. I also want some guest bloggers stories on How I Spent My Summer Vacation At The Christmas Place or another fun subject if anyone is interested.
11. We will be live-blogging the Watermelon Carnival
12. Denise and I have a trip in September to Ireland.
I have more ghost stories involving a covered bridge, a scarecrow and a walk on a rainy afternoon and, of course, pics of the giant deer I am going to blast.
I hope you will enjoy these and if you have any ideas or want to visit please let me know.

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Ralphd00d said...

Oh Goody! Looking forward to some more stories!