Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lost Antler

I have been in contact with my old friend Steve Creek from over at The Shed Antler. He is having some mucho problemos with his great blog. In fact it seems that aliens have stolen it, leaving no trace anywhere on the internet. He is about to go crazy looking for it, kind of like Diogenes looking for an honest blogger. He hopes to have this site back up and running soon and he hasn't forgotten all his links and friends that check up on him. You know he could have just told the truth. A dog ate his blog.


Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to his blog. All of the sudden it was just gone.

Steve said...

I am not able to recover and not sure if I want to start over. I started that blog several years ago and have really enjoyed meeting a lot of shed hunters and other outdoor people. The sad part is loosing the post that were posted by first time shed hunters (kids). I still have my photoblog and may just spend my time on it. The biggest mistake I made is not backing up my blog and I suggest that everyone do that. Actually I did but that's a story I do no want to relive here.
Thanks for checking on me Rex.
I will be around. I do have another blog I am working on but I am not sure yet what I will do with the shedantler.net.

Editor said...

the best answer is to combine the two.