Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big Pep Rally

Tonight is the big pep rally for the opening of high school football. To start the season, we are playing our hated in-county rivals. So it will be the Water Valley Blue Devils -vs- the Coffeeville Pirates. This is usually an all out war of bragging rights that goes down to the last second.
The pep rally is at the new bandstand downtown in Water Valley, and Sarah and the other cheerleaders are going to whip everyone into a lathering frenzy to get after those guys south of us.
There will be speeches and music to get started and then the big bonfire where we burn either a dummy or one of their coaches if we can catch him.
The Herald will notify his next of kin if needed.
Then we will throw rocks and break out all the windows on Main Street. Now comes turning over all the cars and setting them on fire. Everyone here has a rifle you know, so we will shoot out all the street lights and loot all the stores.
It is always a fun night for everyone and we will be ready for our team to get after Coffeeville. (I could be confusing this with LA)

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SimplyOutdoors said...

I love football. I'm glad it is that time of year again.