Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Favorite Hunting Spot?

Where Is Your Favorite Hunting Spot
Cubbedge Hill Plantation
Hwy 61 Hunting Club
Coon Camp Springs
Christmas Place Plantation
Camp Chicken
Goldthwaite, TX
Miss Lindseys Pancakes and Nude Dancing Emporium
Anywhere With Othmar
Camp Cowboy
Eastern Connecticut Sportsmen Club
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Cubbedge Hill, Hwy 61, Coon Camp Springs, Camp Chicken, Goldthwaite, TX, Miss Lindseys, Othmar, Camp Cowboy, Eastern Connecticut
I know half of you men are trying to hunt at the Cheyenne Social Club but there was not room on the poll for it.


blogagog said...

Never been, and don't really hunt (except squirrels), but 'coon camp' just sounds good :)

Phillip said...

Well, I've been to Coon Camp Springs an awful lot, and sure do love hunting there... and I've always thought it would be fun to run down to the World Famous Christmas Place... but how could I say no to Pancakes AND nude dancing?

As long as it ain't Rex swinging around the pole.

Matt said...

Pretty funny. Thanks for the link.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Well, we will soon hunt at our new Hwy 61 Hunting Club, but voted for the Christmas Place Plantation Camp instead! That's a really neat post Rex and I do thank you for the link my friend. :)