Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How To Age A Deer

I have been receiving several hits on Google Search from people wanting to know how to age a deer. This can be very helpful in analyzing your deer herd but can be very difficult to accomplish.
First.. you need a complete jungle wild man, like Kees, to trap the varmint. need two big burly mean SOB's like GuyK and Mushy to hold the damn thing.
Third... you need an overly curious outdoorsman like Art to pry it's mouth open.
Fourth.. you need some bizarre psuedo intellectual like Blogagog to reach in and hold the awful things' tongue.
Fifth..You need someone completely crazy like Dazd to stick their head in there and look at the teeth.
Now, if the deer has fillings it is about 4-6 years old. If it has caps it is from 7-9 years old and if it has false teeth it is over 10 years old.
After getting the information, make sure everyone is in good enough condition to run like hell after you turn the deer loose.
Not everyone agrees with this information, for another take on the subject go to this site, How to Age A Deer.


Anonymous said...

Could we get abbott and costello with the three stooges to act out this skit?
Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh.
(mrs. scratch)

JDP said...

Who knew I have been doing it wrong all these years. I thought you had to kill the deer first. Thanks for setting me straight.


SimplyOutdoors said...

I'll gladly do my part to help age any deer that come around. Whatever I need to do to help out:):):)

Blessed said...

I like the skit idea - it would be great entertainment at the OBS Summit in 09!

blogagog said...

I thought you just shot it and counted the rings in it's legs.

GUYK said...

I figure the best way to age a deer is to provide it with a lot of night life and wild women and good whiskey and bad beer..worked for me..

PowderLover said...

Great post!


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