Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Events

Looking out over the park this morning, I can see that the Watermelon Carnival is in full swing. A light rain last night cooled everything off but it looks like it will be a hot one before the day is over. Will get pictues etc., when I can.
Dad has gone to camp to meet the Bulldozer guy. This is surely a mistake according to the great Deer Camp Axioms. Do you remember what happened the last time he used a bulldozer?
We are going to enjoy the Carnival and hang here. We also have the art exhibit tonight and the big street dance to attend. Saturday at noon is the biggest watermelon contest and we are putting Spencer in the seed spitting contest.
Isn't Debbie supposed to come to the Carnival this year?


Debbie said...

Can't make it this year. Nice watermelon.

I hope you all are doing great.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

deerslayer said...

The melons look good but as for the dozier work you might see about getting ole thunderhoof to supervise that job if you can't just to be on the safe side.